SOCC Vision

Singing Oaks Church of Christ is called to Love God & Love Others as Jesus loved. We believe that this decision to love matures in each of us as the power of the Holy Spirit works through us to make us disciples of Christ.

SOCC Ministry Staff

Beau Davis


Serving SOCC since 2006, Beau loves traveling, watching movies, and hanging out with his family.

Jabbarri Jones


A native of the City of Angels in California, Jabbarri loves God, People, Worship and Performing Arts.

Laurie Templeton


Enneagram 9, loves to be outside, follower of Jesus, and connoisseur of queso.

Brandon Bell


Brandon loves spending time with his family, with college students & international friends as well as adventure sports, traveling, & sharing the Gospel.

Michele Bentley


Michele enjoys traveling and learning about cultures, music, and nature.

Andrés Badillo


Andrés is passionate about sharing the Gospel. He loves his hermosa (wife) and children, a good steak, UK basketball, movies and his favorite sport - soccer!

Bob Bentley


Bob loves talking about Jesus, going to Africa with his wife and others, and playing with his grandkids!

Edy Tercero


From Guatemala to the world! Edy loves singing and drinking a cup of good coffee with his wife.

Nidia Badillo


A growing disciple with a creative mind, Nidia is passionate about helping others. She loves her family, Mexican food, and drinking great coffee.

Jake King


Enneagram 6, enjoys quality time, music, and most sports, especially Spikeball, basketball and volleyball.

Steve Speck


Serving as Church Administrator since 2010, Steve enjoys family, traveling, golf and working in the yard.

Kim Cook


Kim loves to run...but is only mediocre at best. She is far better at being Mimi to her grandchildren.

Elisa Gasca


Nature lover, strong believer that movies are made for movie theaters, it's all about Jesus, familia, and avocado.

Judy Hutson


Judy loves traveling, sewing when she gets the urge, helping people and being with her family.

Jamie Holland


Jamie loves being with and encouraging people who are working to change their lives, and she loves watching basketball with her grandsons.


Our elders are men called by God and equipped with pastoral, administrative, and leadership gifts to spiritually nurture and provide guidance and direction to the members at Singing Oaks.

Worship & Teaching

Emmitt Bewley

Doug Moody

Jonathan Witt

Care & Outreach

Billy Kellum

Brett King

Clint Polley

Jerry Cheatham

Stephen Medlicott


Jerry Browder

Monty Stanley

Steve Speck

Robert Tuggle


Our deacons are selected as special servants of the church to work with ministry leaders and staff in various areas of ministry.

Youth Ministry

Mike Farley

New Members

Jim Bolz

Eddy Russell


David Peeters

Fundamentals of Our Faith

We offer you our faith. We are not perfect, but we are authentic in our belief that God is at work in our city, through his Spirit and his people. Here is a brief summary of our faith and unique practices.

God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit
Our faith is firmly planted in God who is three in one—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God created us, provides for the eternal salvation of humanity through Jesus, and acts in the world through Christians filled with God’s Spirit.
We try to practice Christianity as revealed in the New Testament. We are Christians only, but not the only Christians. We read the Bible as God’s inspired word, the reliable map for our lives that does not evolve with the shifting currents of worldly values. The Bible is a sure guide for loving people of all races and nations, for marriage (a sacred covenant for life between a man and a woman), for loving God above all, and for knowing him through his son Jesus and his Holy Spirit. The Bible is not simply an information guide but transforms our lives.
God's grace justifies us. We are all sinners and without God’s grace we are lost (Romans 3:23-24).
We practice believer’s immersion (baptism) for the remission of sins. God alone brought salvation to people through Jesus. In baptism we are connected with the saving death, burial and resurrection of Jesus (Titus 3:4-7).
Lord's Supper
We eat the Lord’s Supper each week to remember the life Jesus offers (Acts 20:7). The bread signifies Jesus’ body and the wine signifies Jesus’ blood. We eat together to proclaim we share in His eternal life.
We worship God through pure living, reading Scripture, preaching, prayer, the Lord’s Supper and the ancient practice of acapella singing (without accompaniment).
We practice the “Priesthood of All Believers” (1 Peter 2:4-9). Every member is a minister and has gifts (1 Corinthians 12) to share with the congregation.
Church Leadership
We believe Scripture teaches that local churches are to be led by local elders and not by a national church hierarchy.