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    Hoy en día la gente gasta miles de millones de dólares en mejorar su apariencia física, quizá con la esperanza de que al tener una mejor apariencia, se sentirán mejor acerca de si mismos. Pero el Señor dice en 1 de Samuel 16:7 “…la gente se fija en las apariencias, pero yo me fijo en el corazón”. Dios quiere transformar tu vida y lo quiere hacer desde el interior. Dios puede darte un corazón nuevo, una mentalidad diferente, unos oídos que le escuchen, una voz que le alabe, unas manos serviciales, Él puede darte una espina dorsal nueva. ¡Él quiere transformarte! Únete a nosotros en este proceso de transformación a partir de este domingo 2 de Junio a las 10:40 AM.

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    New Summer Sunday Schedule

    New Summer Sunday Schedule

    Years ago when we outgrew our auditorium’s capacity we added the 2nd service, effectively doubling our Sunday morning service seating capacity. Now we are excited to report that our Children’s Ministry has outgrown some of its classroom space. Having 2 Bible class times concurrent with our Sermon times will help us disciple our growing number of students. Join us as we double our Children’s education and discipleship space and create more opportunities to serve. As a member of our church, we hope you will attend 1 service weekly and Serve during 1 service 12 times a year.

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:30pm/Room 135


I was in a meeting last week and Brandon Bell brought up a great scripture as we talked about reaching the lost on the college campuses.

“This went on for two years so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord.” Acts 19:10

In two years everyone heard the word of the Lord in the whole Asian province. This is pretty amazing! Now this was probably not all of Asia Minor as we usually see on our Bible maps, but it was still a large area with lots of cities, towns, villages and people. And all of them heard! My immediate thought was, if they can do it, we can do it! But how?

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Body of Christ

Last Tuesday evening across the Texas/Mexico border in Matamoros an asylum seeker approached me with a smile, and asked, “Why are you so serious? White girl with big blue eyes, why are you so serious? Smile!” I thought to myself, “There’s nothing to smile about. This is sad.” Instead, I responded with “What?” He replied with, “Smile!” So, I complied, and smiled. Continue reading »

Surprise Me Prayers

I was in a rut last spring semester, but one day stood out in such a memorable way. On my drive to the CCC I listened to a sermon on prayer by Francis Chan. I was so moved, that I decided to scrap everything on my to-do list that morning and spend the entire morning in prayer. Well, it was a game changer!

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Saying Goodbye

I have been a part of this congregation for the past 18 years… my whole life. In the next few weeks, I have to say many “goodbyes” as I head off to college. Saying goodbye to Singing Oaks is going to be one of the hardest. Many of you have watched me grow from an innocent infant, to a headstrong and talkative toddler. You’ve watched my transformation of being a bossy pre-teen to a moody and awkward teenager. Now, I’m a young woman going to Abilene Christian University to pursue a degree in Worship Ministry.

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To Mexico City and Back

For my first mission trip, I had no idea what to expect. I always heard about the great life changing experiences everyone got to have, so I decided to give it a try. I believe I had a rough start, but I had faith in God everything would settle into its place.

The first morning began as my worst nightmare. Continue reading »



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McKinney at Cardinal

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Worship Schedule
Sunday Morning
9:00 - Worship
9:35 - Children's Church
10:45 - Worship
11:20 - Children's Classes
Wednesday Evening
5:30 - Dinner (during school)
6:30 - Passion Worship
6:30 - Celebrate Recovery
7:00 - Classes/Small Groups

Children are dismissed during the sermon to attend children's church or classes. Sunday morning adult class times vary.

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