No Boundaries / No hay Limites

Throughout the Bible there have been many occasions where God spoke to someone and they immediately questioned why he chose them, and every time we read these passages we think about what we would do if God spoke to us like that. Like many others I thought that if God spoke to me I would just do what he said instead of argue with him. That was easy to say because I didn’t think that God would actually speak to me. I didn’t realize that he was always speaking to me. I just wasn’t listening to what he was saying, or doing it.

Before the summer had started I was given an opportunity to choose what ministry I wanted to work in, and one of those ministries was our new Hispanic ministry. I was thinking that someone should do it, but I can’t tell someone else that they had to do it, and I didn’t speak Spanish. How was I supposed to reach out to people that were on the other side of a language barrier? I immediately questioned why God would choose me, but there were too many times in my life where I had ignored him. I decided to take a risk, and do the best that I can.

I have to say that doing the Hispanic ministry has been one of the best decisions of my life! The language barrier has turned out not to be much of a barrier at all. I highly recommend getting involved in the Hispanic ministry for anyone. This summer has helped me to realize that the lord has given us no boundaries. If there is one thing that I want you to get from this it’s that there is nothing between you and your mission, but you. Go and make disciples.

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