Benevolence Report for 2012

We talk about benevolence in terms of numbers of occurrences. Our benevolence ministry is a blessing to many people. As a church we are affecting many lives in our community. We helped non-members with rent, utilities, emergency expenses and prescription drugs. Because of your generosity, we are known in this community for being a major source of assistance to families in financial crisis.

The following data shows the 2012 annual totals and the monthly average for each category.

12 Month Total Average/Month

Days Opened 104 8.7
Number of Family Visits 3,301 275
Visits/Week 64
Total Household Members in Families 11,037 920
Average family size 3.4
Household Members receiving food 8,269 689
Bags of groceries given 2,512 210
Household Members receiving Clothing 2,512 210
Number of clothing items given 6,997 583
Items of clothing/family 3
Bibles given 127 11
Bikes given 55 2.5
Prayer Requests 52 4.3
ESL Class referrals 8 0.7
GED Class referrals 31 2.6

There are 48 Singing Oaks members who are active volunteers. Each serves one time/month and a few volunteer for as many a three time/month. This work couldn’t be sustained without this great group of Christian brothers and sisters. They witness this work and are gracious hosts for this busy ministry. The work we do has many faces. Each of these volunteers often have opportunities to greet and help the families who come to us for help. Their work and efforts are greatly appreciated. They do a great job of representing Singing Oaks Church of Christ to all the families who visit us for assistance.

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